Vanilla Payroll Supports: The 1965Ride Cycle for Education

Published April 22, 2024

As The 1965Ride enters it’s 14th year of cycling for education, we took this opportunity to chat with Caren & Mike, from Vanilla Payroll, about this incredibly inspiring initiative to find out why they are so passionate about this organisation.

  1. How did you hear about the cycle?
    We heard about the cycle through our mutual cycling friends, Tony Frost, who is one of the founders of this organisation, and Morris Zack who is one of Vanilla Payroll’s sponsored riders.
  2. What appealed to you about this fundraiser?
    With Vanilla Payroll having been founded in the Eastern Cape, and with a family history in Queenstown, we feel that the 1965Ride is a perfect fit for our philanthropic initiatives. The idea that these efforts go towards benefiting the educational needs of men and women in this area, tie in with Vanilla Payroll’s values.
  3. What is Vanilla Payrolls contribution to this event?
    Vanilla Payroll have contributed towards the sponsorship of the riding gear for all the cyclists taking part. We have also blessed the Queenstown Education Foundation with a cash donation.
  4. Will any of the team members be physically taking part in the cycle?
    No, none of our team will be physically taking part in this year’s ride, but we will be eagerly supporting the participants from the sidelines. We are planning on being part of the cycling team in 2025.
  5. How can members of the public support this cause?
    You may contact THE 1965 RIDE – Cycling For Education for more information
    You can follow the ride via their Facebook page 1965Ride Cycle for Education

Now in its 14th year, the 1965Ride is an 850km cycle tour fundraising initiative by a group of passionate amateur cyclists who believe in doing something constructive to secure the educational future of those who need it most.

Funds are raised for an educational scholarship and bursary fund (overseen by The Queenstown Education Foundation) and is part of a broader vision to support the development of Eastern Cape schools and to provide talented youngsters with the opportunity of a lifetime – a good education.